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  • Sunny Bhanushali

Your Life will get amazing if you understand this!

I love asking this question to almost everyone I get along with, i.e., what God can do that you can't do? It's not a simple question, so don't answer with a shallow mind. Give yourself some space, pause for a moment, and go deep into this question, What God can do that you can't?

Now, most of the answers were the funniest ones, they say what they saw on TV and the internet, all the fantasy stuff. Like teleportation, destruction through one weapon, magic, etc. But all those stuff are man-made, it's our imagination, we presume Almighty God to be like that. The stories which have written by humans and told-n-heard by humans are still man-made.

I don't mean to disrespect anyone's belief or any religion, I am just sharing my perspective. I respect and honor everyone's point of view and beliefs, so no hard feelings if you don't agree with me :)

I believe that what all God could be is already within us, all that it is, is what we are. As I say, WE ARE UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN IS GOD.

You are unlimited, filled with infinite potential, self-healing, self-regenerating powerhouse. Radiating love and energy, channeling gravity, and other universal unseen forces through you. You are alive and the seed of creation. You are the vibration, the sound itself, connected to every element of the universe, you are magnetic, empowered with intuition and will. You are infinitely evolving, the truest and the best of manifestation of self. (While writing this paragraph, I could recollect few words from one of my favorite tracks - Galactic Mantra - Do listen to this track every single day; it will change your life for sure)

After all the jazz you read above, now, you must be wondering, how come people are so much in pain and suffering? Why is everyone not successful and happy? Well, that's a billion-dollar question :)

So this is how I see the world -

The life is like a video game; the better you play it, the more difficult it has to get, or else you don't enjoy the game and stop playing it. Do you know that the top video games of the millennium are the most difficult, creative, and filled with full of surprises?

I presume that you are 16+ in age. Now, think about it for a moment, if I give you a game where you have to count objects and write the number in the blank space (the games made for 2 to 4 years old kids) - would you enjoy playing it all day. Damn NO; it's going to be boring because you already know how to play it, and it's so simple. However, small kids play all day because, for them, that's a difficult level to play.

Consider a game which is designed for your age, like any of the action game, say new Spiderman. First of all, you got to play trials just to understand the basics of it. Then the game starts, and you fumble throughout the first level of the game because it is new and challenging. You die so many times before you actually clear the first level.

Now, think about this, while playing, if you fail the mission or die, you don't stop playing; you don't blame the game for not being fair; instead, you get more excited and focused because you know that you won't make the same mistake again. That means you learn through your defeat and move forward and eventually you win the level. The game is full of surprises to defeat you, to fail you, but every time you fail you get better at playing the game and you succeed. You don't take this defeat or failure personally, or it doesn't affect real life. It feels great and skillful and smart every time you beat the game or clear the level.

Now, just compare the above with your real life. The life is full of surprises to defeat you, to fail you unless you play it right. Now unlike in video games, you take this real-life failure very seriously, you feel low and sad, you develop fear to play it again. You avoid learning through failure; instead, you blame the life and the world for being not fair. You stop playing. And there is all the pain and suffering it causes because you stopped playing or keep playing the easy games.

All your current problems you have in your mind, all the chattering, all the series of thoughts running one after the another, going on in loops -- THEY ARE NOT REAL. You might say: now that's bullshit :) -- They are not problems, they are challenges which you need to clear/win and go to the next level, just like in a video game.

This is why life has become suffering because you take it tooooo seriously, you make things personal. Life comes with surprises, ups, and downs, it's a journey, a rollercoaster ride, you got to play it, you got to enjoy it, be thrilled by it.

You have the GOD POWER within you, look at the world around you, all the technology, the architecture, the computer, the landing on the moon is done by PEOPLE, PEOPLE just like you. They have the same brain, mind, eyes, nose, hands, and legs. If they can do it, you can also do it. They played it well, with curiosity and excitement of the unknown nature of life. At the same time, you are cribbing about the same life.

Wake up, and start playing the freaking game, the game is on :)

Would love to here from you!

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