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  • Sunny Bhanushali

What you know about Artists is not the truth

What does the word ARTIST mean to you? The general image or the stereotype of an artist is, one must be good at sketching or drawing/painting. That is so incomplete understanding of the word ARTIST.

Have you heard the people saying ‘Artists have god gift, they are born artist’? When people say that one is born artist, they believe that these few people (Artists) are somehow special and others are not, For Eg: My cousin brother is a great doctor, He has made his name in his genre of work and has greatly contributed towards the betterment of the world, and for the fact, he is a genius when it comes to his treatments. He says to me that I have god gift, I have special skills as I am a successful artist, but he can not realise that he is a greater successful artist than me in his field of choice, He is an artist in the medical field - its the stereotype attached to the word ARTIST that ‘one must be great at drawing/painting is an artists’ is blurring out his vision of the world. Let me tell you that, this belief is the farthest from the truth one can know of.

Everyone is an artist on this planet. Art is the expression of the force you feel inside to create something new, it has nothing to do with drawing or painting.

People are confusing themselves between ART and SKILL. As I said, Art is an expression of the creativity within you and it is unlimited, abundant within you already, it is the part of our existence by nature. Skill is learnt, it is acquired through mechanical process You express art by impressing your creativity upon the skill you learnt. To simplify it CREATIVITY + SKILL = ART. This also implies that one cannot perform art with only being skilful or being creativity. You got to have both :)


Learning a skill is a mechanical process, you don’t need to be a special human for that, you can be anything you want. Like, being a great surgeon, or a painter or a great engineer. You have to use the power of repetition to alter your subconscious mind to form new patterns, which is learning. You repeat the process consciously so many times that you train your mind and muscle to do the process effortlessly and to the desired perfection. No one is good at drawing when they are born, one develops the skill to draw. No one is a great driver, one learns to drive with time. No one is born doctor or engineer, they have to go through the process of acquiring the skill of their desire to let flow their creativity through it. Same with architects, accountants, businessman, entrepreneurs etc.

Every freaking creature on this earth has the ability to learn, that’s fundamentally embedded into the core of our existence. Every living being on our planet is an artist by nature. Some people express their art through the medical stream, some do it using technology, like Elon Musk, Righteous Brothers, Tesla etc. some do it through drawing and painting like Dali, Leonardo da Vinci, some do it through writing like Shakespeare, This is mere creativity flowing through different mediums.

You are artists by nature, you create all the time, doesn’t matter if you are conscious about it or not. We are the expression of nature, we are the art of whatever you believe in, God, Energy, Nature, Universe etc.

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