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  • Sunny Bhanushali

What is Business? It's the Love Affair

Well, I have two definitions for Business, one is all over the internet, the top result is from Wikipedia and the definition is Business is the activity of making one's living or making money by producing or buying and selling products (such as goods and services). This definition is such a robotic statement and I don’t find any soul in it, its lifeless.

Let me share my perspective on the definition of Business -

Business is the love affair with the customer and it expresses its love through providing valuable products or services as per ones need.

Do you feel the difference, business is an unseen heart-beating live entity which loves and cares about people, who understand the pain and suffering of its customer and finds the best possible solution through product or service, who cares about everyone and finds ways to entertain them, make them happy, provide a comfortable life, elevate them, encourage them, guides them, be there always on finger touch, always there to serve and elevate the entire human race.

I call it a love affair, because, let me use the analogy of a guy who is in love with this girl. Now there is a beautiful feeling, a force within, driving him to do whatever it takes to make her happy. He would want to know what are her likes and dislikes, what makes her happy, he will change the way he speaks to her so convey that he loves and genuinely cares about her. He will remember her birthdays and achievement days, will gift her, or plan something out for her on those days. He will find ways to make her friends and family happy because they matter the most to her. He will be there when she is hurt, he will be a great listener when things aren’t going well in her life and so on and so forth. Now, these all smaller things let the girl know that the guy is in love with her and so she responds in the same way. She does the same things for him. And so the love affair.

Now you can use any analogy where human love exists, talk about love within friends, the love between mother and child, the love between soldier and his country.

This is what exactly a business does when business is in love with its customers, it will do all it takes to make the customer happy. Customer can feel the love and he/she responds with the same, they start loving your business and become a full time your company’s ambassador, they promote it, talk good about it wherever they go. You see, this is a love affair :)

Does your business love its customers?

Would love to here from you!

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