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  • Sunny Bhanushali

The secret to Fast Learning

This single piece of the puzzle differentiates the greatest from the average, the rich from the poor, the toughest from the weakest, a hero for the mediocre and guess what this is available for every living organism on this planet earth. Aliens already got it though and so they are aliens :)

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” – Henry Ford

In today's fast-changing world, you got to be a fast learner, you have to keep up with the evolution. Remember, doesn’t matter how harsh it may sound, the nature supports the fittest, not strongest, the fittest, the one who fits in the process of evolution. The ones who don’t fit they go extinct -- It’s not my theory, look around the history of the earth and the studies of nature, there are hundreds of species which are extinct, why did that happen, because they were incapable to change as per nature, they did not cope up with the fast-changing environments of the evolution. They were the slow learners, they got old and died :)

Let me share my perception and understanding of how one can learn to learn fast and stay ahead of the game.


Ask yourself, why do you feel love, this very natural force which works through us, why does it even exist, you can’t control it, you can’t command it, you can’t increase or decrease it, it just happens to you. Think about this, why do you love your mother so much, why don’t you feel the same for other women like your aunt or friends mother :). This is the natural force within you and latches to you when you are born, and the same happens to your parents, there is a special bond felt between parents and child. The very purpose of the force is to pass on the information from one generation to another to support evolution. Mother will give all the best she has to her child because of the force of love and the same with her father. So that the child will know all that parents know and develop new information from there through his life and this cycle goes on and on. Look around you, all the development of the human race has happened through this cycle, its the part of the evolution.

So why did I explain all of that, to help you understand that sharing knowledge and information is the law of nature. The more you share, the more you teach, the more you support the law, the faster you learn. Teaching others about what you learned is the fastest way to learn and remember better, also this opens up a new portal within you to let flow more knowledge and information. It's like a closed pipeline, the water wants to flow but not flowing as the tap is closed, the moment you open the tap, water started flowing and the new water comes in and goes out. Knowledge is power and it is not supposed to be kept secret or contained anywhere, it will be against the law, it has to flow.

So in simple words, the more you share/teach the faster you will learn.


Now let's understand the science of mind in terms of how it learns. Your mind can be divided into 2 parts, conscious mind, and subconscious mind. The conscious mind is related to all that you are conscious about, this is where is calculate, build logics, think, create, analyze, etc.

The subconscious mind is a passive mind, a female side of the mind. You don’t have direct control over it. Its function is to run the repetitive functions of your life. For EG: running digestive system, managing heart functions, kidneys, seeing, driving, being rightly or lefty, your beliefs, your perception, your hunches, and instincts, is all here in the subconscious mind.

The conscious mind learns through reading, writing, analyzing, listening but it doesn’t remember for long, that learning doesn’t become a part of your life, it is temporary. The subconscious mind learns through the repetitive process, a certain activity is repeated so many times that the conscious mind pushes this information to the subconscious mind to manage it as it is redundant information to process. For EG: Driving is 95% subconscious activity, remember the day when you drove the car for the first time, it was hard, you completely went bonkers with gear shifts, brakes and aligning the car on one side of the road, but now, you don’t even think of it, the process is automatic, as soon as you sit in the car your hand and legs move without your conscious effort, it just happens.

The subconscious mind makes the repetitive process automatic. This is where the real learning happens (which is not temporary). The learning which stays with you all your life becomes a part of your life and it starts happening automatically. If you master any skill like painting or driving, or cooking, or anything for that matter, it is because of the automatic process, your body has become your mind for that given activity.

So to learn solid and fast there one and only way to feed the subconscious mind. Repetition

You have to repeat an activity so many times that it gets pushed into your subconscious mind. You realize it as you become expert at the given activity and you feel more space in your head to think and focus on other things while you are doing the given activity flawlessly I.e. your body becomes your mind for that activity.


Now, there are few things that you don’t repeat generally, like reading a book, you may not read the same book again and again, even if the book has valuable information like Think and Grow Rich. In this case, how do you retain all those valuable information in your mind that you can use it in your daily life? As you all know most of the read information is forgotten in the first 72 hours, so how do you retain it. There is a way to read this book if you wish to retain the information you read for life. Twice a day your subconscious mind is wide open to receive information directly from the environment, one is right before you sleep when you feel sleepy and you are on your bed about to sleep and another is right after you wake up, the first hour after your wake up is when your subconscious mind is wide open to receive information. If you develop a habit to go to sleep while reading and read after you wake up for the first hour. Your life will take a positive shift at an astronomical speed.

Hindu mythology has stated this habit/ritual in so many scriptures, waking up at 4 and studying and visualizing greatness and being grateful before you sleep.

Hope this read brings great value to you, share it with your loved ones.

Would love to here from you!

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