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  • Sunny Bhanushali

Life Force against the Truth - alternate perspective one

While I was meditating. I stumbled upon a very interesting concept, a vivid perspective towards life. I could dissect the life force and the truth (the nature) as two different entities.

As per this perspective, I saw that the life force itself is against the truth, it is trying hard to defy the truth (the nature). The life, as you see yourself or trees, or animals, mountains etc is not natural (it is the force against the nature). Let me explain before you kill me :)


Can you control the darkness, can you increase the intensity of darkness by any means, NO. if you are thinking ‘Yes’ by turning on some light then you are misunderstood. You are increasing and decreasing the intensity of light but not changing the real darkness which exist for eternity as nature (truth). You can make the light brighter as much as you want, but can you make darkness darker? NO.

Now, light requires energy to lit, some form of reaction has to happen for energy to flow from one form to another to produce light. Without using energy there is no light (that’s not natural). Now, the darkness requires no energy to be dark, because it’s natural, it’s the truth. It acts like a container for light where light ignites and burns out. Eg : Sun needs to keep going through chain reaction of atoms to produce heat and light, its requires force and effort to live. If you stop that force it will turn into darkness which is its natural state.


Similarly, think about the Sound! Silence is the truth (the nature) and sound is trying to fill it out, however to do that it requires hell lot of energy and when the supply of energy is depleted, it goes back to its original state of silence. Silence is like a container for sound. Sound is a forceful act, it goes against the silence, it’s not a natural state (not the truth)

Similarly think of the Space! Life force is trying to build all sorts of material to fill out the space and it has failed again and again. You can’t fill out the space, it exist for eternity without any external force to exist. On the contrary, the material object like planets, mountains, buildings etc requires enormous energy to build and sustain.

Now, think of our life, the force within us. What is the true purpose of our existence, there is nothing except to participate in the ongoing hassle the life has started. You never asked for life, you were given one, like an assigned job. You hustle all your life and do what? You actually add onto the collective intelligence to develop better breed of species to help life force to win the battle against the truth. (The nature).

Life force is trying hard to defy the truth (the nature). It does all the things exactly opposite to the nature like light against the darkness, sound against the silence, life against the death etc. To defy the truth (the nature), life has build an army of intelligent species. If you study the laws of life force you will realise that it supports more to the intelligent life, i.e. to the intelligent species. Weaker and less intelligent species go extinct because they are no more useful for the real purpose of life force.

Through all life forms, life force is trying to fill out the space by building things, creating enormous noise, creating as much as light to fill out the darkness, it is like the war against the truth (the nature).


Now, when I try to understand the scriptures of The Buddha, I do realise; may-be a spec of what he realised. He and so many other Saints talked about submission to the truth (the nature). They let go everything, saying that everything is artificial / temporary (maya) and to break the cycle of life force (karmic cycle) you got to submit to the truth.

Buddha said give up all the desires as it causes the pain and suffering. What does that mean? Our desires are never death, silence or space, it is always things and emotions and noise etc. To desire that mean you got to burn the energy (pain and suffering). Permanent stuff doesn’t require energy to sustain, it is already available in abundance, temporary stuff is limited and it requires humongous energy.

The Buddha took Samadhi and so many of the Saints, so what is it? They gave up everything and accepted the nature and its beauty. They went into darkness, silence towards eternity of death. For normal human being ,this is crazy and yet we have given them the place of almighty God. Why? Because even within us there is space, silence, truth and death, we have the sense of the nature (the truth).

Look at our life, we are exactly the replica of the life force as we are the puppets of it. We have put so much energy in building these beautiful things around us and yet we are feeling empty and sad, we want more. The more energy we use to create, the more temporary stuff we create, and it never satisfies us (because it doesn’t defy the truth)

People talk about humans are destructing the earth and depleting its energy resources, I believe that humans are not responsible, rather it is the very source of us, Life Force. It wants to try and experiment with all it have got to come up with the solution to defeat the truth (the nature). We are just following the instructions coming through it. Life wants to multiply everything with everything to see what’s comes out of it. Life force only knows what it knows through all the things and the life forms exist in this universe. It is building the intelligence through experimentation and trial and error. We are just replica of it. We are doing what’s in our DNA. We do the same thing, experiment to find out something new.


Think about this! It is said that Edison failed more than 10000 times before he was successful in making the first light bulb. That means even life force has to experiment and fail more than 10000 times before it could produce light through a human being.


This is the vision and flow of thoughts I had in my recent meditation session, I don't imply anything based on this, nor I ought to debate on what is right or wrong. I simply felt of sharing this vivid perception with you all. Just another way to see this world :)

Do share your thoughts and views on this!

Would love to here from you!

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