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  • Sunny Bhanushali


Appreciate every one around you, appreciate your coworkers, all the people you meet, the family and friends, be nice and kind, be supportive and help people, tell them what they have done great and appreciate their efforts.

Work like a monster, enough of relaxation and rest, get back and get going at astronomical speed, get into discipline, put more hours and focus in work, build consistency.

Build sustainable, something which will last beyond me. Every action and decision has to go through the test of SUSTAINABILITY, build to last. Bring drastic changes, do whatever it takes to get things right.

Plan big as heaven, it has to be scorching the sky, don’t play mediocre, you got to build the monumental success story, don’t let the years pass by, time is moving fast than one can imagine.

Build momentum, get the wheels rolling, start now, get going, don’t stop for anything, keep adding little by little to increase the momentum, push harder every day. If you stop, start again, and again and again until things start moving at a sustainable speed.

Learn every single day, read as much as you can, watch videos which will elevate you, stop watching TV or just random videos, make a playlist of videos which will feed you with the right knowledge and power, read 50 pages every single fucking day.

Be wealthy, take care of your physical, mental, financial, spiritual, social body, work on all sides, develop them, become stronger on every aspect of life, do whatever it takes to become wealthy


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