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  • Sunny Bhanushali

7 Shifts within me which brought Riches and Success in 2019

Enthrilling and diverse, powerful and gracious, lightening and revealing, explosive and bright was my year 2019

The year 2019 was truly time-space-reality bending phenomena, it turned all my intention-based constructed visions of future into present reality. It felt like I pulled whatever I desired from the parallel universe where I was already living the infinite and abundant life.

Trust me when I say this "I found the secret of materialising things from unknown/nothing" -- it is freaking amazingly true and real.

All the friction I felt all my life, all the hustle-bustle, all the resistance and pain, and suffering was like running a marathon with my eyes blinded, no matter how hard I tried to run fast, I fell, again and again, felt lost and directionless, hurt, scratched, frustrated. It felt hard like they say "life is hard". What needed was to just take the blinders off my eyes and see the truth (the way), start believing in it (start running on the right path) and arrive where I wished to arrive.

Let me share the top 7 things I changed in me which helped me harness riches and success in my life.


The Godpower Question

'What do I want' - this question holds the godpower within you. It awakens the resting super-natural capabilities within you. I ask this question every single day to myself and I spare a good amount of time to answer it daily. This seems very simple but it is the time-space-reality bending question if you answer it with your full heart, soul, and mind.


I answer this without considering my weaknesses, fears, doubts. I think like what if the super-powerful God comes to you and asks 'What do you want kid, you shall receive anything you ask for'. So when God asks you don't have to think about the possibilities and logic, you don't have to worry about 'how it will happen', You know that everything will happen through magic.

So I started constructing my life in my mind. It gave me direction and clarity on everything in my life. I started understanding the physics and chemistry of how my thoughts affect the outer reality. Everything starts within. Your life is the result of your series of thoughts and emotions within. This very ritual brought riches and happiness in my life 100X faster.

Find Power Within - Meditate

The concept of meditating has always been confusing to me until I sat every day for a few months without banging much of my logical head against it.

This one practice has flipped my life upside down; it revealed things inside me and about me, that is impossible to know through any other method. And it just didn’t reveal me to me; it brought the understanding of ‘How this world works,’ the mechanics of it. It gives insights into which I guess the only creator of this world has access to.


As they say, meditation can not be described, it is an experience. So you got to do it till you start experiencing it :)

Through this practice, I could see and contemplate my past, I could see what needs to be done within me to come in-line with my dreams and the ultimate desire - Happiness. It changed me for better, I became humble, giver, fearless, sober. I could see the big picture of the world which made things easy to decide for betterment. I became graceful and grateful. I started seeing beauty and miracles everywhere. I attracted new friends and people who would bring richness to my life. I read people better. I can stay calm within, no matter what's happening outside. I got better control over emotions. I got disciplined and responsible more than ever. This one practice turned out to be the game-changer.

The Power of Visualization

Have you ever thought of, why/how can you dream of, or visualize something of which doesn't exist. Think about it, why do we have this creative power and what it has done to this world.


This evolution of the progress of humanity is the direct result of this creative process called visualization. All these technologies you see today is the outcome of someone's creative idea, which is nothing but imaginary pictures in the head of which didn't exist before.

Think about it for a moment, before the phone existed, somebody thought about it, visualized it in his/her mind. Same goes with anything you wish to do, you think first and then it may happen. Even when writing/jounaling/blogging, you get an image in your mind before you write a word, try it. Try to write any word and you will realise you got a picture of it in your mind before it happens.

There you go! this is the power within you. I realised this sooner and I started using it consciously every single day. I visualize about the life I want, the possessions, the feelings, emotions everything I want from life, I visualize it. The process is simple, I sit at one place, calm my mind down with few deep breaths and start dreaming / Visualizing about the future in the form os pictures and videos with a feeling as it is happening now.

This brought me in-line with the natural force within me which makes things happen. I realised that what my life is, is the result of the images I carry about my life. I started changing it and so my life drastically changed. Again, this is time-space-reality bending tool and I use it thoroughly and consciously.

This also gave me the control of my life far better than I had before. I have come to realise that whatever happens in my life is the result of my actions and no one is responsible for it. I take the full credit of who I am because I chose it. I don't ever blame anyone for anything, its so much bliss when you know whatever happens to you is because of you, you are causing your life. So I am the God of my life, and so are you for your own life :)

I Chose The Red Pill (From The Matrix)

As you read above, I talked about seeing the future, constructing consciously of which doesn’t exist at the given moment. So you have to choose to be in the unknown place, a place which has no logical explanation or proof of reality.


It is similar to the concept in the movie The Matrix, where Neo chooses the Red pill over blue pill. Now the blue pill was the life Neo already had, a life with good job, sufficient pay, regular life like most of the working class people, but not happy. The Red Pill was about exploring the truth, stepping into the unknown, something of which you don’t have much understanding of, no logical explanation, seems very scary from outside. It was about the dark journey within. This choice only revealed the real purpose of his life.

I chose Red Pill too, I choose to step out of my comfort zone, developed a courage to be uncomfortable. I started doing things which didn’t make sense to most of the people around me. I started believing in a greater me and killing the old me day by day. I started taking so-called Risks than ever. I gained courage to dream big, believe it and talk about it. I started facing my fear face-to-face. I failed hundreds of time to only arise stronger and greater. I stopped listening to people around me (who never achieved success and talked about success like they know it) and started listening and reading about successful people. I followed successful people and their way of thinking even when I didn’t quite understand how that will work as it was opposite to what I have been taught all my life. I chose truth and freedom.

Give Gracefully

With all the above practices I only realised that the world is full of possibilities and abundant of everything. There more I felt the abundance the less I felt lack and limitations.

Normal human sees the world with limited resources, depleting energy, lack of money/power/resources. They see world of problems, they want to save because of lack, they store resources and don't share, they are scared of running out of everything. This is the result of the limited and blocked mind.

Well, I am awakened to see the otherwise because I have stepped into unknown where the world is abundant and infinite. The very nature of any power or energy is to flow and not stop and get stored at one place. The knowledge, money, love, food, joy is all various forms of The Power / Energy, it needs to flow to multiply. I learned to let it flow even if I dont understand logically.

I started giving gracefully. I started sharing knwoledge, my time, money and all of me as much as I can only to realise that "The more I give, the more I receive". This has been told again and again in Bible, Quaran, Bhagavat Gita, Buddhism and many other books.. I have learnt this practice from the most successful and rich people on this planet through reading thier books. They did it so I did it. It was only after getting into habit of this kind of thinking I started experiencing the growth and joy in my own life.

Give like you have unlimited supply of it, give gracefully. When you know that the supply is never ending you feel so amazing and joyful to give.

I became more skillfull when I started teaching the skill, I became richer when I started thinking and teaching about people around me about how to become rich. I became happier when I started making other people happy. I started receiving imense respect and honour from all over the world when I started giving respect to each life I met on earth.

Expect what you Desire

Through practice I gained more awareness into my day-to-day life. I saw that unconsciously / subconsciously I am not expecting what I desire the most, which is very contradicting to what I actually want. For Eg: If I want to be somewhere for meeting on time, first thing in my mind comes is ‘I don’t want to be late’, ‘what if I get traffic on the road’, I start rushing through it, because unconsciously / subconsciously I expect to reach late - which is a contradicting thought

Same goes when you want a phone or car or growth in business, do you expect it to happen? You got do expect what you desire, what you asked for; Similar to, when you order food in the restaurant, you are expecting it to be served within few moments, there is no doubt that it’s not coming, no second thought. Same with Amazon, you order stuff online and expect them to arrive on the given time.


This is what I changed in me last year, I started expecting things consciously which I desired the most. I kept myself aware all day about the things which I have asked for or desired or visualised. Sometimes I also use a desire list, a small paper-cut with the list of 10 things which I desire in a short period of time and I carry that all day in my pocket. I stumble upon it many times a day, and, it helps me remind of my desires and analyse the current state of mind to be inline with what I want.

This simple practice changed the way I took the day-to-day decisions, It helped me reprogram my subconscious mind very easily and fast. I got better day-by-day.

Take the Wheel (Install new Habits)

Through reading and meditation and common sense I figured out the 95% of my life is governed by subconscious mind and its automatic decision making process. These decision are happening without you being aware of it. Like Driving; you don’t drive consciously, it’s the subconscious process. The more redundant / repeated steps in process the faster it enters you subconscious mind to become a pattern which is called a habit. You feel brushing your teeth in the morning or a craving for a tea / coffee is just the patter running in your subconscious mind. Not doing it will be a conscious effort, but doing same thing everyday doesn’t require conscious effort, it’s all happening through subconscious mind.


Think about it; answer this 1 + 1 in your mind. In a spec of time you answered 2. Now try to answer this one 345 X 24, try to solve without anything, just the mind. I know it is taking time, most of you won’t solve it. What I am trying to show you here is this. 1+1=2 came from your subconscious mind, as you have solved this equation millions of times all your life, so it's stored there and has become a part of the pattern. When you tried 345 X 24, you had to use conscious mind to solve it as there is no information in your subconscious mind. You see, the things you know happen without your attention.

With this realisation, I could analyse my mind everyday and figure out what’s automatic in my mind which is not helping me to grow or become successful. So, I started building new habits, new patterns consciously. I repeated new rules and patterns everyday until they became part of the subconscious mind. Now you see, through this process I am reprogramming my mind for richness in my life. This is another Godpower within everyone, use it wisely.


These practices are the part of my morning routine. I give the highest priority to my morning routine as it dictates the entire day, week, month and eventually year. I am sure that this blog will shed some light in your life which will bring true love, unfathomable joy, monumental success and riches.

Share is as much as you can, spread the wisdom :)

Alien love, grace and gratitude


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